I would like to start by thanking the entire staff at the DPA for my recent Australia trip. As always you guys were awesome and I am extremely grateful to call you friends. My finishes left something to be desired, but the caliber of players there has taken off immensely since I was there in 2008. As always the players were great and the sportsmanship of the players there is something all players should try to achieve in this game. The youth players in Australia compete with the adults and let me tell you something, it shows and shows well on them. I met some of the greatest youth players I have ever seen around the country and they handle themselves in a very professional manner. I would like to thank Allan Shapley for being my tour guide while I had time off. I had a blast with him once again and he is a great person to call a friend. The Australian ladies.......The American girls should take notice. These girls come out in groves to compete at these events. I wish we had more ladies competing at this level in the U.S.A. I would suggest if you get a chance to make this tournament you do so. It keeps growing every year and the experience is something you will never forget. I was thrilled to get to see and spend time Jinta, Mayumi, Rachel, and Masumi from L-Style. Congrats to Masumi for making it to the finals against Phil Taylor, you played great my friend. Congrats to Mayumi for winning the ladies event as well. Also, it was nice to spend time with Pete from Puma Darts and thank you to them for sponsoring the event.

My performance left something to be desired by me, but it was a tough field and when your not hitting doubles your not going very far in that event. I would like to thank the DPA, Phil Taylor, Russ Bray and Simon Whitlock for signing the 3 steel tip dart boards I will be raffling off on eBay to raise money for my Toys for Tots fundraiser starting soon in September. I would also like to thank the DPA for donating $100 to my Toys for Tots fundraiser! Rob your special person and I am honored to call you my friend. Can’t wait to see you all next year and three cheers for me being the walk on guy for the girls again next year!

         Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, Russ Bray and Johnny K signed dart board for sale on ebay
 Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, Russ Bray and Johnny K signed dart board

Last year we raised $21,000 for Toys for Tots! 
I couldn't of done it without each and every one of you.
 I am truly grateful to know such a fantastic group of people.
There will be a warm up tournament on Friday 11/30/12 @ 8PM for those of you coming in for the weekend. Snape's Karaoke will be there Friday night also
Saturday's Tournament is a $20 Entry Fee or $10 Entry Fee and $10 Toy
When calling the hotel for the room rate you need to tell them you are booking for the Johnny K Toys for Tots Tournament
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John Kuczynski
800 Green Mountain Road
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  1. 'Uncle Bill' Kinee -$40.00
 2. Phil Fried - Brooklyn, NY - $200.00
 3. Brian and Sue Fornear - Tomball, TX - $60.00
4. DPA (Dart Players Australia) - $200.00
5. Alexis, Brandon and Madison Hughes - $30.00
6. Timothy Neal -Bargerville, IN - $50.00
7. Harold Ribble - Penn Yan, NY - $50.00
 8.  Jaeger Memorial Foundation Benefit - $4350.00
 9. Peter Citera - Chicago, IL - $100.00
 10. William Dye - Mechanicsburg, PA - $100.00
11. Alan Shapley - Australia - $100.00
12. Jared Friedel - NY - $140.00
13. Doug Davis - NY - $100.00
14. Dartoid's World - $100.00
15. Deborah Brkich - NY- $250.00
16. Coal Contractors - Hazleton, PA - $100.00
 17. Tim Neal - Indianapolis, IN - $50.00
18. Cindy Walker - Roy, UT - $10.00
19. Andy Bates - Surprise, AZ - $20.00
 20. David Miller - $50.00
 21. Biro's Septic & Drain Cleaning, Inc -Zion Grove, PA - $500.00
22. Creekside Restaurant -Ringtown, PA - $250.00
 23. Growing Years Child Care -Conyngham, PA - $100.00
 24. Chris & Kelly White -Signature Darts for raffle & $100.00
25. David Llerena - $20.00
26. George Hammes -Panama City, FL - $100.00
27. Jason Geer -Wheatherford, TX - $75.00
28. NAPDA www.napda.net -Canada- $20.00
29. Henkel Consumer Goods Inc -Hazleton, PA- $50.00
30. Leave it to Beavers -Rock Glen, PA- $100.00
31. Scotty Burnett - Signature darts & flights
32. Rich O'Donnell - $50.00
33. Gottstein Contracting Corporation - Hazle Township, PA - $100.00
34. Jokerman Darts www.jokermandarts.com - $150.00
35. Dawson Murschell - Alberta, Canada - $50.00
 36. Gary Laino - $100.00
37. Mike Abbott - Aurburn Hills, MI - $50.00
38. Monfort Lounge - $75.00
39. NWDS www.newworlddartseries.com - $100 retail toy donation
40. Caleb Koment - Lewisville, NC - $50.00
41. Ron Wilcox & Parkhill Youth Dart Players - $75.00
42. Jason Watt & friends -Princeton, IN - $200.00
43. Judy Loveland - $20.00
44. Jacie's Midway Bar - $100.00
45. Barb & Leo Prosick - $40.00

  Steve Panucialman with Dart Talk has agreed to cut his sacred ponytail off if I can raise $5000 In order to keep track of donations for this I need you to put "Steve's haircut" in the comment section when donating via PayPal. We all know how much he loves his hair, lets see if we can get rid of it! Goal: $5,000 Donations to Date 9/19/2012 - $20.00
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SHIRT SALES TO DATE - 8/03/12 $0

50/ 50 TICKET SALES TO DATE 8/03/12 - $0

Quick recap on the Bullshooter XXVII Finals. Arachnid put on a great tournament again and the entire staff all work very hard at doing so. Congratulations to the male and female MVP players this year. Shea Reynolds took the women's MVP for the first time. It was well deserved, Shea has come along way and playing very well. Congratulations to Dave Cameron as well from Canada on being the men's MVP winner. It was Dave's first year attending. He is a great guy and also played extremely well. Being the recipient of the MVP award myself at the Bullshooter Final, I know how big of an honor it is to receive this award.

Thank you to my partners from the weekend.....

I teamed up with Larry Butler, Eric Blackledge and Brad Wethington for the four man team event on Thursday. We shot some great darts together and ended up taking first place. Thank you all of you. I had a great time

I teamed up with Larry Butler for the Pro AA doubles in both the Cricket and 501 events. We shot some really good darts in both events. The talent in the Pro AA division is fantastic, so its really hard to win let alone place in this division.Congrats to Marti Martin & Jose Antonio from Spain for taking 1st in the Pro AA 501 doubles and to Isen Veljic and Scotty Miller for taking 1st in the Pro AA Cricket Doubles.

Larry and I ended up placing 3rd in the Pro AA 501 doubles and 2nd in the Pro AA Cricket doubles

I played with Colleen Eldredge and Johnny Lee Jenkins in the Pro A/AA Top Gun Triples. 
While we weren't lucky enough to place in the money in this event, we all shot extremely well. 
Next time guys, next time. Thank you to you both! 
 Congratulations to the Shea Reynolds, Ben Dersch and Steve Hilger for winning this event.

Other events I played in were the Pro A/AA Luck Draw Doubles, Pro AA/A Mixed Doubles and both Pro AA singles for me. While I did throw some great darts, I was not at all pleased with the outcome in the events. I missed entirely way too many doubles in the Pro AA 501 singles and that is just something you can not do at the level of play in the AA division at the Bullshooter.

Again, congratulations to all of the winners and as always it was great to see all of you. I really enjoy getting to see everyone at this tournament. Hope you all had a good time!

Remember Vega Darts for all your dart supply needs!

Apr 22, 2012

2012 NDA Team Dart

Just returned home from my 8 days in Vegas. It was my 2nd year attending Team Dart and I had a great experience there again. Getting to see so many people from all around the world is probably the coolest part of attending the tournament. Be prepared for extremely long days if you attend though lol. The International teams were such great fun to shoot against. Especially my new friend Tobias Hontsch (aka Toby aka Ernie LOL)Thank you to all of my team mates for the week. I am very proud of the great darts you all shot!

What a great display of darts by both the ladies and mens US Teams in the International Team Challenge. I was happy to be able to watch my girlfriend Colleen win with the womens team this year and bring the title back to the United States. Thank you to all of the Team Dart staff for doing a great job running the tournament.

Thank you to my sponsor Dynasty Japan and to L-Style

NDA Team Dart 2012 Results
Open Masters Team Cricket – Top 4
Open Master Team 501 – Top 8
Masters Mixed Doubles Combo – Top 8
Master Mixed Doubles 501 – 2nd
Open Masters Singles 501 – 5th
Open Masters Doubles Cricket – Top 16

I look forward to seeeing you all in Chicago for another week of darts

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