I would like to start by thanking the entire staff at the DPA for my recent Australia trip. As always you guys were awesome and I am extremely grateful to call you friends. My finishes left something to be desired, but the caliber of players there has taken off immensely since I was there in 2008. As always the players were great and the sportsmanship of the players there is something all players should try to achieve in this game. The youth players in Australia compete with the adults and let me tell you something, it shows and shows well on them. I met some of the greatest youth players I have ever seen around the country and they handle themselves in a very professional manner. I would like to thank Allan Shapley for being my tour guide while I had time off. I had a blast with him once again and he is a great person to call a friend. The Australian ladies.......The American girls should take notice. These girls come out in groves to compete at these events. I wish we had more ladies competing at this level in the U.S.A. I would suggest if you get a chance to make this tournament you do so. It keeps growing every year and the experience is something you will never forget. I was thrilled to get to see and spend time Jinta, Mayumi, Rachel, and Masumi from L-Style. Congrats to Masumi for making it to the finals against Phil Taylor, you played great my friend. Congrats to Mayumi for winning the ladies event as well. Also, it was nice to spend time with Pete from Puma Darts and thank you to them for sponsoring the event.

My performance left something to be desired by me, but it was a tough field and when your not hitting doubles your not going very far in that event. I would like to thank the DPA, Phil Taylor, Russ Bray and Simon Whitlock for signing the 3 steel tip dart boards I will be raffling off on eBay to raise money for my Toys for Tots fundraiser starting soon in September. I would also like to thank the DPA for donating $100 to my Toys for Tots fundraiser! Rob your special person and I am honored to call you my friend. Can’t wait to see you all next year and three cheers for me being the walk on guy for the girls again next year!


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