Well I have to say that this year was the toughest I have played in all the years I have been going to the Bullshooter. They have split our division off to AA and only paid out Top 4. To have to play the caliber of AA shooters and only paying out Top 4 places in REALLY hard to make any money. Everyone played extremely well in AA and if you missed, you paid for it with a loss.

Thursday night was Monsters of the Midway and I played with Scott Kirchner, Isen Veljic, and Shawn Dycus. We took 1st place and went undefeated. All the guys played really well!

Friday was the Top Gun events. When playing in Top Gun events there is no losers bracket, so you either play REALLY well, or your done. Top Gun Singles and I was playing extremely well. I played some great players and ended up losing in the 5th game to Brad Wethington and we both shot some SUPER darts, our averages were 7 marks per round. Top Gun Triples we lost in the 2nd round to Ray Carver and his team and they went on to win the event. Friday my buddy Scott Kirchner won the Top Gun Singles for the 1st time, so I was really happy for him!

Saturday morning I played with Scott Kirchner in the 501 doubles and I have to say he shot extremely well all weekend. We lost in the losers bracket to my Thursday teammate Isen Veljic and his partner for the doubles Bob Adamson. Bob hit 6 perfect darts to win the game 180 in the first shot and then took out 158 to win the game. I am sure had the payouts not been changed this year we would of been in the money and if not real close to money. Saturday evening was PRO A/AA LOD. I do not agree with this event. I think with all the changes it should of been a AA LOD only. I did however have a good shot named Lee. Man we shot some good darts. I mean how often can you average 7 marks a round a lose a game? Some super shooting all weekend by everyone.

Sunday was a PRO AA only LOD (our only event of the day).....I happened to draw Darin Young in this event. We started out horribly and lost in the 1st round. We came all the way back from the losers bracket and played Scott Kirchner and Bob Hudzik in the finals. We lost in the 1st 3 out of 5 in the 5th game. My buddy Scott and Bob both shot some SUPER darts!!

Monday was Singles 01 and I lost to Taro Yachi in the 1st round and then lost to Eguchi Yuji in the losers bracket. They are from Tripleight also and I have to say you want to talk about some good darts. Japan threw some AWESOME darts this weekend. They knocked out some great players in both the doubles and the singles events. They also won the International Team Event this year.
Monday afternoon was PRO AA cricket doubles and Scott Kirchner and I went undefeated in the winners side. Ray Carver and Darin Young came back to through the losers and we went all 6 games with them before they defeated us in the 3rd game of the 2nd set. I wanted to win this with Scott for the 1st time and it was a hard loss, but we will be back and we will win!

All and all it was a good weekend. I shot really well and I am super happy for my buddy Scott and how he shot all weekend. Congrats to Ray and Darin for a good weekend also.

Now its off to Boston for the North American Championship and then Bolton for the Blue Square Open Finals in the UK. The next 2 months is going to be super busy for me. Good luck to everyone and shoot well


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