The add in for this one was only $500 since we had to do it so quickly after the last one held. We will be back on track next month. This was the first time we split the divisions and everybody seemed to happy with the results. This is going to be the fairest for everyone involved and I hope you guys keep coming out! We had a great turnout! Everyone played great and we hope it keeps growing. Remember this is for you guys to earn some extra $$$$

Triples Pot starts out at $85 per dart at the next tournament.
Brandon Gebhart was drawn and missed in the 1st draw and I was drawn in the 2nd one and hit one for $110.00

Congratulations to all the winners! Well played by everyone

A/B 1st Tournament (16 Players)

1st - Johnny K/Justin = $65/65

2nd - Chuck Klingman/T.J. Rohlfing = $40/40

3rd - Eddie Millisock/Jared Gebhart = $25/25

C/D 1st Tournament (16 Players)

1st - Freddy Wilcox/Colleen Eldredge = $65/65

2nd - Jennifer Weikel/Kelly Johnson = $40/40

3rd - Jessica Johnson/Brian Z = $25/25

A/B 2nd Tournament (20 Players)

1st - Johnny K/Chuck Klingaman = $70/70

2nd - Dan/Billy Johnson = $40/40

3rd - Jerry Shaffer/Jared Gebhart = $45/45

4th - Derrek Singley/Eddie Millisock = $10/10

C/D 2nd Tournament (22 Players)

1st - Freddy Wilcox/Mike S. = $75/75

2nd - Rodney Gebhart/Kelly Johnson = $50/50

3rd - Jamie Donbrowski/Vinnie = $25/25

4th - Tom Walsh/Colleen Eldredge = $10/10

3rd Tournament A/B Singles (12 Players)

1st - Johnny K = $120

2nd - Billy Johnson = $60

3rd - Jerry Shaffer = $40

There is $540.00 already for the end of the year tournament!

You MUST play in 10 tournaments in order to play in the Main event at the end of the year


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