Mar 16, 2009

Bullseye TV Game Show

I was asked by Andrew Wood, the writer/producer of Bullseye TV Game Show to post this on my website. So, until I can get that worked out I decided to add it to my blog. He is trying to secure a version for the US. Go check it out

If you would like to see the UK hit TV dart based game show ‘Bullseye’ featuring the star guest Jelle Klaasen, the 2006 BDO World Darts Champion then please visit the Official Bullseye website and featured at the top of the home page is the episode link:

Bullseye TV Game Show

If you like darts and enjoy watching TV game shows then you are going to love Bullseye! Bullseye will be online for you to watch 24/7 until 2nd April 2009


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