Round Robin Qualifiers in order by seeding
Tim Johnson -14
John Kuczynski -14
Mike Clark -14
Mark Rohlfing -12
Robert Rohlfing -12
Allen Johnson - 11
Mo Orr - 11
Darin Young - 10
Dominick Waterhouse - 10
TJ Rohlfing - 9
Ryan Peach - 7
Dan Sheilds - 7
Jerad Gebhart - 7
Joe Johnson - 7
Nolan Cullings - 7
Curtis Shorette - 6

Round 1 (Best of 5)
Curtis Shorette 3-2 Tim Johnson
Allen Johnson 3-0 Ryan Peach
Mark Rohlfing 3-0 Joe Johnson
Darin Young 3-1 TJ Rohlfing
Mike Clark 3-0 Jerad Gebhart
Mo Orr 3-0 Dominick Waterhouse
Robert Rohlfing 3-0 Dan Shields
John Kuczynski 3-0 Nolan Cullings

Round 2 (Best of 7)
Allen Johnson 4-2 Curtis Shorette
Darin Young 4-3 Mark Rohlfing
Mike Clark 4-2 Mo Orr
John Kuczynski 4-2 Robert Rohlfing
Losers $100.00

Round 3 (Best of 9)
Allen Johnson 5-2 Darin Young
John Kuczynski 5-3 Mike Clark
Losers to play for
3rd -$200.00
4th - $260.00

Round 4 (Best of 11)
John Kuczynski 6-0 Allen Johnson
Winner $460.00
Runner-Up $300.00

We had a pretty good turn out considering it was a holiday weekend. We will be doing this again in the the fall or winter and I will guarantee split division and payouts. I am going to get some sponsorship for the event in the fall. Glad everyone that came up made it and hope you all had a good time


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