Well it was a VERY long day yesterday, but here is what took place....

We had a good turn out and some really GREAT people showed up. Thank you all for coming and your help with promoting the sport of darts. Please remember people, be appreciative of what others are trying to do and thank them for promoting the sport. Everyone works really hard to give the players somewhere to go and do what they love to do, whether it be at a major tournament, or your local bar. I know we all get tired on the long days, but ALWAYS remember its JUST a game and have fun!

So, we sold some 50/50 tickets in the beginning to help raise money for the Parkhill Youth Dart League. I am very pleased to announce we raised $180 during those sales. I would like to thank Mike Kutz for donating back a portion of his winnings. I happened to win the 2nd 50/50 of $90 and donated the entire amount back. Remember folks these kids are the future of our sport!

Also, our triples pot got up to $210 per dart during the night. I am thrilled to post it has been hit for the 2nd time and a SUPER gentlemen that I had the honor of meeting for the first time hit 2 out of the 3 triples, winning $420. Ed Bennett won this pot and was kind and generous enough to donate back $120 to the Park Hill Youth Dart League. What a great guy and thank you Ed for being such a great person! Overall we raised $300 for the kids!

I would really like to thank Jamie Dombrowski and Jennifer Weikel for taking the time to sell the 50/50's and doing such a great job anytime we have sales to benefit someone. Thank you to all of you for helping with these important causes!

Congratulations to all the winners! Well played by everyone

1st Tournament

1st - Ken Johnson/Ed Rebstock

2nd - John Kuczynski/Mike Kutz

3rd - Derrek Singley/Curtis Shorette

4th - Allen Johnson/Billy Jamieson

5th - Norton Weikel/ Ed Bennett

6th - TiffanyMiller/Chuck Klingaman

2nd Tournament

1st - John Kuczynski/ Travis Johnson

2nd - Mike Abboud/John Rentschler

3rd - Benji/Nick

4th - Joe/Allen Johnson

5th - Ed Bennett/Tom

6th - Curtis Shorette/Ken Johnson

Women's Singles

1st - Brenda Fiorani

2nd - Jamie Dombrowski

Men's Singles

1st - John Kuczynski

2nd - Billy Jamieson

3rd - Ed Rebstock


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