So, I get a lot of emails monthly from my website for different reasons... Advice, people wanting darts, kids with questions, people thanking me for different things and etc.But, sometimes I get some that mean alot to me and I am copying this last one I received on to you.

I had a guy stationed in Iraq ask me if I could send his troop some darts and a dart board. Well, since my new sponsor has not quite got the design down I want with the new darts, I emailed Patrick at Halex (my old sponsor) and asked him to help me out. He responded with "Of course I will do it John, no problem at all" and sent over a case of my darts and 2 dart boards to them from me.. I owe Patrick big time for doing this, because it was really important to me. I'm honored to be able to help them in anyway while they are over..

The first email I got is below and the one I just received tonight is at the bottom

So, whether you believe in what we are doing over there or not just remember

Hello, Johnny K

Hi, my name is Jorge Perez and I am stationed in Iraq right now and was wondering if you had any old darts, dart boards, or what ever you dont use and if you can send them to us over here so we can play darts here and get our mind of the fire fights we have. Shoot well on your next tournamnet

Jorge Perez
a big fan of yours

Hello, Johnny K

Here is a pic of me and the guys.We want to say thank you for your support.. We started with the guys in the picture, but now we have like 10-12 who play all the time.Once again we all thank you and shoot well!

Jorge Perez


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